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Some of the local residents had also blackened the face of a trust officebearer for allowing VIPs to jump the queue.
We would stand in the queue for hours while some enterprising people would pay the cop to jump the queue, and we would get further and further away from the box office window as time passed.
I have to say, I agree with Linda La Plante, who pointed out that there are loads of good writers out there who deserve to be published ahead of celebrities - I do find it unfair that just because someone is well-known, they can jump the queue in matters such as these.
CHILDREN with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder - so-called ADHD - can jump the queue at most theme parks.
CHILDREN with ADHD are being allowed to jump the queue at top attractions, because they can't stand the stress of waiting in line.
Many motorists were angry that aggressive drivers were seemingly allowed to push in and jump the queue to get out of car parks.
But both Haroon and Singh argued that no trucks can jump the queue at Al Ghuwaifat as the police is watching.
The Gavin and Stacey star found himself victim of some angry toilet-goers when he tried to jump the queue at a party at London's Claridges hotel.
Washington, Feb 18 (ANI): Supermodel Kate Moss has slammed celebrity couples for misusing their stardom, after she saw Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes jump the queue using their A-list status at a New York fashion event.
The temperature started to rise when fans tried to jump the queue by pretending to be injured and things boiled over as pickpockets and heat exhaustion were added to the mix.
Those who bring a chocolate egg jump the queue and get in for nothing tonight and Thursday.