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With people standing in line for up to 12 hours overnight, some touts attempted to jump the queue while others offered to pay people for their place in the line.
THREE million passengers a year are paying extra to jump the queue, easyJet revealed yesterday.
But it doesn't help if someone encourages people to jump the queue over more ill patients.
And computer-controlled traffic lights will infuriate motorists by letting buses jump the queue as new Super Quality Bus Corridors (SuperQBC) come on-stream.
For the Tories want to take money out of the NHS to subsidise the well-off to jump the queue for operations.
Huddersfield and Wigan are also watching McIntosh, but Sturrock may jump the queue to get his man.
But easyjet's offer to let their passengers jump the queue for the best seats, didn'}t really take off.
A police spokesman said: "A van tried to jump the queue but ended up clipping the bus and a vehicle in front.
But Sophie Dahl managed to jump the queue by fainting.
Brighton Bomber Welch is livid that four-time world title loser Bruno may jump the queue for yet another crack at sport's richest prize.
When she thought two men were trying to jump the queue she allegedly lost her temper, biting one and severing part of his thumb and scratching the other's hands.
The spokesman said: "If you are encouraging people to jump the queue, then you affect other consultants who are playing by the rules.