jump to conclusions

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It's easy to jump to conclusions - investigate, act consistently and however annoying and frustrating it may be unwise to act without medical evidence.
I don't know, but I wouldn't jump to conclusions," he added.
I don't know what the answer is, so I'd appreciate it if you didn't just jump to conclusions because I don't know what the answer is.
It might not be wise to jump to conclusions after the Spring Mile, even if a bias seems apparent.
Natalja Kitam, representative at the ministry, said that while it was too early to jump to conclusions, there have been signs for some time that the worst may be over, especially since the unemployment figure has remained unchanged for five weeks.
Summary: Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned Thursday against attempts to instigate sectarian strife, urging Lebanese not to jump to conclusions before investigations into security incidents are concluded.
Summary: American President Barack Obama urged Americans on Friday not to jump to conclusions on the motive behind the mass shooting at the sprawling Fort Hood army base in Texas.
Some time ago I spent two solid years with the Air Accident Investigation Branch researching one of the first-ever TV documentaries and learned that nobody should ever jump to conclusions.
But they also warned supporters not to jump to conclusions about the cause in a country with a recent history of political violence.
Being well over 78 although not Welsh, but having lived in four English cities, I don't jump to conclusions about race or nationality, especially by the pigmentation of a person's skin.
Many times, investigators may jump to conclusions, resulting in negative consequences when those initial presumptions do not pan out.
As lupus researchers continue to investigate other environmental causes, "we need to be open-minded, but not jump to conclusions," Diamond says.