jump to conclusions

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An absence may coincide with the weather report - but do not jump to conclusions.
I do not jump to conclusions or predict but I want to remind what recent history has seen.
Let's not jump to conclusions but wait and watch," Singh said in a message posted on Twitter.
But before readers jump to conclusions, The Grocer needs to reveal all.
As lupus researchers continue to investigate other environmental causes, "we need to be open-minded, but not jump to conclusions," Diamond says.
Many times, investigators may jump to conclusions, resulting in negative consequences when those initial presumptions do not pan out.
The author asserts that human performance improvement focuses on accomplishments, finds the root cause of performance gaps, and does not jump to conclusions.
Many analyzers cannot read silicon or aluminum or other critical elements, and users tend to jump to conclusions about the metal based on the programmed categorization, as opposed to using the information from the spectrometer to infer and draw independent and more reasonable conclusions," he says.
Perhaps the misleading table in the article should be revised so that busy medical doctors don't jump to conclusions, and hedgehogs don't end up on the euthanasia list at shelters.
Von Saldern is careful to not let her readers jump to conclusions, though.
The idea is not to be so quick to jump to conclusions without a thorough process.
Finally, don't jump to conclusions about doctors' motives.