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Both cleared it, but whereas Lady Grace's mare jumped wide and clear, and her rider never even faltered in his saddle, Somerfield lost all his lead and only just kept his seat.
The dog sprang, and in spite of the height jumped lightly over it.
He jumped up in the air as high as he could go, and just under him whizzed by the head of Nagaina, Nag's wicked wife.
AND rushed into the toolshed, and jumped into a can.
Pinocchio understood the answer in a twinkling, and, unable to restrain his tears, he jumped on his father's neck and kissed him over and over.
I jumped right after 'm on the same sea, then he set the pace home, and all I had to do was take it.
It was full of cracks from top to bottom; and out of the openings magpies and rooks were flying; and the great bull-dogs, each of which looked as if he could swallow a man, jumped up, but they did not bark, for that was forbidden.
All the men jumped off of their horses and grabbed the hurt one and started to carry him to the store; and that minute the two boys started on the run.
Dolokhov, the bottle of rum still in his hand, jumped onto the window sill.
As soon as I was alone, I flung me down on the floor laughing, then as quickly jumped up and was after them, and very sober too, for it was come to me abruptly as an odd thing that Paterson had set off without asking where David lived.