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A PACKED commuter train jumped the tracks and hurtled into an apartment complex in Japan, killing at least 49 people .
A packed commuter train jumped the tracks in western Japan today and hurtled into an apartment complex, killing at least 50 people and injuring more than 200 in the deadliest rail accident there in more than a decade.
Iain, who was allowed home from hospital on Wednesday, said the London to Glasgow Pendolino was like a "violent bucking bronco" as the carriages jumped the track and went down an embankment.
The wagonloads of timber jumped the track just after 9am leaving around two miles of track chewed up.
An Amtrak train carrying mail and passengers jumped the track at 60 mph Saturday, landing in a swamp and injuring 34 people.
A FREIGHT train which jumped the track and spread tons of logs across the West Coast main line will cause days of chaos for rail travellers.
Only six people were injured when the wheels of the Eurostar train jumped the track, derailing the locomotive and the first carrriage.
After both races she jumped the track wall and tried to squeeze through the outer fence of Poole Stadium.
Washington State Trooper Brooke Bova said 12 train cars and two engines jumped the tracks.
The engine of a goods train jumped the tracks near Sitapur Cantt station around 7.
Passengers were jolted out of their sleep on Sunday early morning when Patna-bound Indore-Patna Express train jumped the tracks, damaging four ordinary sleeper coaches in which hundreds were trapped.
The engine and four coaches jumped the tracks near Roha station, 70 miles south of Mumbai, said police officer Ankush Shinde.