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This confirms the hypothesis as noted earlier in the paper that investors prefer positive skewness and peaked distribution despite the intensity and jumpiness in the fat-tailed distribution.
And in places it feels trimmed to the point of jumpiness.
Do you experience jumpiness or being startled at something unexpected?
It is odd-tasting because the right information is there but often not in the right place, and it is tantalising because the right information is still useful and worth reading despite the jumpiness.
Jane presented to a primary care clinic several months later after she returned from OIF, complaining of irritability, insomnia, jumpiness, temper outbursts, and sudden startle responses.
Smith relates documented various psychological and physiological symptoms (tension headaches, backaches, trembling and jumpiness, chronic pain, upset stomach, extreme fatigue, constant anxiety and worrying, etc.
The common difficulties we see with those under stress are sleep problems, jumpiness, irritability, isolation, difficulty concentrating or paying attention and nightmares.
Sleep privation disrupts physical processes in body and brain (causing exhaustion, jumpiness, extreme depression, and other suffering associated with physical disease).
Characterized by a state of nervousness, the person is in fight-or-flight mode, exhibiting jumpiness in connection with sudden sounds or movements.
Debaters all share the same jargon; the same cozy familiarity with Malthus, Foucault, democracy promotion, and nuclear war; the same problems with uncomprehending parents; even physical characteristics--a certain jumpiness, a tendency to route excess energy into nervous habits, like tapping feet or flipping pens.
The letter voiced a second powerful warning: not to mistake normal reactions--intense sadness or sleeplessness, jumpiness, and so on--for mental abnormality.
But it's too late for that, in the wake of the London bombings and the jumpiness surrounding anything terror related the Birmingham evacuation was Sunday's top story across the national media.