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goals it's you'll really jumping for joy my first assist league.
Vern Baker, general manager of the Hemlo operations for Barrick Gold and Teck Cominco, admits he wasn't jumping for joy when another "corporate safety program" was handed down in 2004.
AM I the only person in England who's jumping for joy now that the cricket is over.
Fuel prices continue to rise: While a gallon of gas surpassed the price of Haagen-Dazs - the company - executives at most major oil companies aren't jumping for joy.
In a nation with limited Internet access, over 1,000 Afghans are gambling online, and while we are still scratching our heads at Casino Fortune, our accountants are jumping for joy.
action to defy 4-11 shots Bristol City at Ashton Gate; Peterborough: Barry Fry is jumping for joy, but punters are in tears as Boro hold Division Two leaders Millwall (4-9) to a goalless draw; Swindon: The Wigan stutter continues as they fail to break down the Robins in a match they were 1-2 to take three points from.
A faithful football mascot was jumping for joy yesterday after winning a battle to lead his team out at Wembley, after the FA announced changes in its rules.
Restoring the system to its two-satellite spread, says a NOAA official quoted by the Associated Press, is "something to keep everyone jumping for joy from Hawaii to Maine.
A GROUP of Warwickshire cheerleaders are jumping for joy after being selected to represent the UK.
EFE AMBROSE was jumping for joy after netting in Celtic's thrashing of Motherwell last night - on the day his wife delivered a new baby daughter.
Then I switched my mobile on to find dozens of texts about Lancashire, which in a season when my county Yorkshire were relegated, didn't exactly leave me jumping for joy.
MEMBERS of Tynedale Gymnastics Club are jumping for joy.