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Why would you show a black American jumping into bed with a man's wife to promote basketball?
If you were angry with your boyfriend, you really should have talked to him before jumping into bed with his best friend.
Roxy, Roxy, Roxy - she needs to find a hobby, maybe then it'll stop her jumping into bed with any man who stands still for long enough.
She will do anything to get the story, from issuing threats to jumping into bed.
People get the impression that everyone in the theatre was jumping into bed with everyone else in the 1960s.
And in Haunted a year later she stripped twice -skinnydipping in a lake and then posing for her artist brother and later jumping into bed with him.
If they were listening, producers reasoned, they wouldn't be talking or fighting or jumping into bed or whatever else the show runners believed made good television.
Nasar] said that if you go to, like, MIT, there's all kinds of boys jumping into bed with each other.
We see lots of folks on TV jumping into bed with each other at the drop of a hat, and lots of others beating the living daylights out of somebody--but we hardly ever see people just holding hands, or hugging for more than two seconds.
A good lover understands the importance of setting the stage mentally and emotionally before jumping into bed.