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Why would you show a black American jumping into bed with a man's wife to promote basketball?
We see lots of folks on TV jumping into bed with each other at the drop of a hat, and lots of others beating the living daylights out of somebody--but we hardly ever see people just holding hands, or hugging for more than two seconds.
A good lover understands the importance of setting the stage mentally and emotionally before jumping into bed.
ghout ore Toon have been criticised for jumping into bed with Wonga.
Be a bit more choosy which means not jumping into bed with every guy you meet and hoping it will develop into a love affair.
Avoid jumping into bed immediately - sex will be all the better for waiting.
You knew you weren't jumping into bed with the last of the Vestal Virgins and Dee's experience was part of the turn on, wasn't it?
I agree with him that independence isn't on the radar in Wales at the moment due to Plaid and Labour jumping into bed together.
He was the most right-wing Prime Minister Britain has had for over 60 years, who had no hesitation in jumping into bed with the Tories when he wanted to gain a majority on some right-wing issues which were very unpopular with most of his own Labour MPs.
SALESMAN John Llewellyn could always be accused of jumping into bed with his customers.