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If Lady Grace's mare is a hunter," the Prince remarked, "she can probably jump them.
The Duke pointed out the water jump with some trepidation, but the Prince's glasses rested on it only for a moment.
There was no need for you to jump down there that way.
You see, the recruiter has the advantage over a boy when he makes a pier-head jump.
But not alone at this did they laugh, for at the moment of the snap and the turning over, Captain Duncan's unstrung nerves had exploded, causing him to jump as he tensed his whole body.
Now, Pistache, my good dog, jump the height of this cane for Madame de Montbazon.
I think I could jump over it," said the Cowardly Lion, after measuring the distance carefully in his mind.
Don't jump to conclusions," the other said; "we are out of the wet and provided with board and lodging.
Just then a bell above the throne rang briskly, and the King gave another nervous jump.
As soon as the Marionette felt his new feet, he gave one leap from the table and started to skip and jump around, as if he had lost his head from very joy.
Charles told me not to jump out, but I would, and look
Hall had reappeared, the great jump accomplished, and was running shoreward.