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Stop," said the duke, "Pistache, jump for the queen.
Now, then," said the duke, and as he spoke, lowered the cane almost level with the ground; "Pistache, my friend, jump for the `Illustrious Coxcomb, Mazarin de Piscina.
If I don't break his back at the first jump," said Rikki, "he can still fight.
Then he began to jump up and down, all four feet together, his head close to the floor.
Rikki-tikki woke up with a jump, for the mongooses are light sleepers.
But he did not grow too proud, and he kept that garden as a mongoose should keep it, with tooth and jump and spring and bite, till never a cobra dared show its head inside the walls.
I will," declared the Scarecrow, "for, if you found that you could not jump over the gulf, Dorothy would be killed, or the Tin Woodman badly dented on the rocks below.
Jim warn't on his island, so I tramped off in a hurry for the crick, and crowded through the willows, red-hot to jump aboard and get out of that awful country.
The hop-step-jump is indicated as a percentage of the triple jumps whole distance.
Since 2009, Zielinski and his Dream World Company have completed over 20,000 jumps in five countries.
Dream jumps are referred to around the world as bungee jumps without recoil.