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Sat opposite his favourite squeaky ball, Jumpy is made to walk towards it, step by painfully slow step, sit, reverse, scratch his ears, look confused, turn left and right, then place his paw and his nose on the ball without moving for 30 seconds as his owner counts to three: "one, two, two-and-ahalf, eight, fifty" and so on.
Yes, there are some jumpy, zombie-focused moments but the rich range of conversations and dialogue choices also make you feel part of this painstakingly recreated world you are unfortunate enough to live in.
I was a bit jumpy with the swing and hit a few bad shots but came back nicely with a few birdies.
None of that really matters to the listener, though, who hear sometimes jumpy, sometimes gentler moods from saxophonist Tom Challenger, pianist George Fogel, double bassist Tom Farmer and drummer Jon Scott.
The model is almost identical inside and out to the Peugeot Partner, the Citroen Jumpy and the Fiat Scudo.
Right before the snakes started to move, participants began blinking more and making short jumpy eye movements called microsaccades, Jorge Otero-Millan, Stephen Macknik and Susana Martinez-Conde report in the April 25 Journal of Neuroscience.
You spend your days trying your best to grab his attention and all he wants to do is that kicky, runny, jumpy thing that those Irish dancers do so well.
The 30-year-old was jumpy and tense when he faced Herath, who failed to trouble the rest of the England batsmen, The Telegraph reports.
I have to stay away from the house when we're having things done because otherwise everyone gets a bit jumpy and nervy.
2: Fix: A jumpy playback problem for iPod/iPhone/iPad conversion when CUDA encoder is used.
Surf Ache's narrative is jumpy and the plot predictable.
Usually when I think of edits, I think of older songs getting redone for dancefloor impact, but Thomas picked a recent track he was into and looped the jumpy acoustic guitar riff and soft hi-hat tick until he had an edit that worked.