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Pakistan's latest critical juncture might, of course, by the most critical of all.
The participation of the Czech troops from the 252nd Air Defence Missile Battalion in Trident Juncture 2018 required very particular and detailed planning, and proved to be the most logistically challenging shipment of soldiers and materiel ever undertaken by a Czech unit.
US Navy Admiral James Foggo, the senior Nato commander overseeing Trident Juncture, said the exercise shows Nato is flexible, responsive, united and strong.
The exercise, codenamed Trident Juncture, began last week.
"Trident Juncture sends a clear message to our nations and to any potential adversary.
Teli pointed out that Pakistan stands at a very crucial juncture where foreigners have finally started taking interest and are keen to visit and invest in the country whereas the business climate is also showing some signs of improvement which is not acceptable to the anti-state elements who must be dealt with an iron hand as we cannot afford to go back into the darkness of terrorism and lawlessness.
Khartoum, 17 Feb (SUNA) - Sudan on Saturday issued a statement declaring its support and backing for Ethiopia at this critical juncture, in a way that will preserve the unity of the Ethiopian people, civil peace and security among the different components of Ethiopia.
For this purpose, the concept of critical juncture is introduced since it allows for a fresh perspective by zooming in on individual, imaginative qualities and broader, often unexpected, transformations which are a result of both historical processes and cultural actors' creativity on different scales.
President Nicos Anastasiades said on Friday he had tabled a creative proposal that would break the current impasse and pave the way for a settlement, as reunification talks had reached a critical juncture.
The first critical juncture examined in The Political Development of Modern Thailand came in the period following the Promoters' successful move against Siam's absolute monarchy in June 1932.
"Trident Juncture" shows an alliance in the process of changing and responding to Russia's military ambitions.
About 36,000 personnel from 30 nations will take part in Trident Juncture, which will test their response to crises.