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Following a critical junctures approach to describing and understanding change in society more broadly, then, requires the linking of the critical moment being examined with the resulting changes in societal direction.
Our point of departure is the definition of critical junctures 'as relatively short periods of time during which there is a substantially heightened probability that agents' choices will affect the outcome of interest' (Capoccia and Kelemen 2007:348), and in which 'one direction or another is taken for an extended period of reorientation' (Collier and Collier 1991:27).
Junctures will provide readers with an insiders look of our journey the past few years from the signing of the Framework Agreement that preceded the CAB in October 2013 up to May 2016, with the signing of the Declaration of Continuity of the partnership between the government and the MILF, said Ferrer of the publication.
Kent Calder and Min Ye tackle this explanation of Asian regionalism with the concepts of organization gap, critical juncture, and policy network and argue that Northeast Asia has developed much more coherent regional institutionalization after the Asian financial crisis through policymakers' active responses to environmental changes.
In Calder and Ye's emphasis on the advantages of a critical juncture framework against path dependence, they point out the weakness of the earlier literatures in this field.
Syllable junctures with approach diphthongs abound in vocal texts, as the list illustrates.
Sometimes orthographic <r> is present in such junctures, and presents a particular challenge.
Fandakova also announced that the construction of a two-level juncture at Sofia's Andrey Lyapchev Blvd and Saharov Blvd in the Mladost district will begin in May.
Our panels were looking for individuals who seem to be at turning points or junctures," says Melissa Franklin, Pew fellowships director.
Rennie Harris, choreographer and founder of Rennie Harris Pure Movement dance company,s hies away from the label "up-and-coming" and claims that his whole life has been a "critical juncture.
NFAA's mission is to identify emerging artists and assist them at critical junctures in their educational and professional development, and to raise the appreciation for, and support of, the arts in American society.
The targets range from high-grade, underground targets in fault junctures and projected favourable formations, to near surface targets which may be amenable to surface, bulk mining methods with heap leaching.