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Crews apply Tecnu before and after venturing into a jungly right-of-way or forest where poison oak is growing, EPUD spokesman Bob Mieger said.
MacLaughlin, a former Scotland Yard detective, has produced a book detailing how the missing aristocrat spent his last years in Goa in the guise of a drunken hippie called Jungly Barry.
Like some fabulous new strain of kudzu, the jungly Dreamcatcher almost overwhelms everything else with its hanging garden of photographic ferns, peacock-feather butterflies, and papier-mache branchings, all bounding up from corduroy dirt, as clear glass tubes drop from the ceiling: stalactite rain amid a cutout photo forest.
New England turned jungly, fungal, a grid of humidity.
She settles her long skirt around her knees; the pattern on the cotton is orange and green, jungly.
THE giant leaves of Gunnera manicata add drama to a jungly garden.
The Snowdon path now goes through some jungly mixed woodland at the start, diverted from a tarmac lane below, then rejoins the old route in open country to curve up towards the spectacular waterfall that tumbles over the lip of Cwm Llan.
Behind the beach, blending into the jungly hillside is a collection of luxurious studios each with its own outdoor Jacuzzi on a wooden deck overlooking the deep blue bay.
The stones cover a soaker hose that winds through the planting area to water the plants and periodically douse the space with a jungly mist.
To this is added the exoticism (to our eyes) not only of the jungly, steeply sloped settings of the houses but also of traditional features like unglazed wooden shuttered windows.
2--Color) At Illusion Arts in Van Nuys, Bill Taylor takes a meter reading in front of a jungly matte painting.