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Para tanto, consideramos que a criacao da Junta Geral das Missoes no final do reinado de D.
On September 27, 2017, the verdict delivered by Thailand's Supreme Court against Yingluck serves as an attempt by the military junta to weaken the dynasty through political persecution.
The seven-year junta rule (1967-74), culminating in the vile Greek invasion of 15 July, which unfolded as people were going to work, was the darkest period in Cyprus' recent history.
Prayuth is the chief of Thailand's junta, or military, who led a coup to seize power from the elected government in 2014.
This paper seeks to answer the following research questions: What were some similarities and differences found within textbooks used prior and after the Junta took power in Greece?
The investigation focuses on remarks Davies made last month reiterating the United States' concern about efforts by the junta to curb free speech, specifically the"lengthy and unprecedented prison sentences" given to civilians by Thai military courts for violating the same l'e8se-majest` laws.
Mubarak's regime entered into decline when contradiction and conflict reached their peak among the ruling class and junta, as with what happened previously within the 1952 family.
Three months after overthrowing Thailand's last elected government, this Southeast Asian nation's junta leader is stepping out of his army uniform for good - to take up the post of prime minister in a move critics say will only extend his time at the helm and consolidate the military's grip on power.
Thailand's ruling junta recently overthrew the government while promising to restore order, part of which involved imposing a nationwide curfew.
He has been charged with inciting unrest, violating the computer crime act and defying an order by the junta to turn himself in, according to Prasopchoke Prommul, deputy commander of the police's crime suppression division.
BANGKOK -- In a chilling move apparently aimed at neutralizing critics and potential opposition, Thailand's new army junta ordered dozens of outspoken activists, academics and journalists to surrender themselves to military authorities.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Last Wednesday's crackdown, when hundreds of supporters of deposed Egyptian leader Mohammed Morsi were killed, was a turning point for both the junta regime in Egypt and the civilian resistance against the coup.