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The principles of natural and positive rights recognized by law.

Jural pertains to the rights and obligations sanctioned and governed by positive law or that law which is enacted by proper authority. Jural doctrines are founded upon fundamental rules and protect essential rights and duties.

Jural principles are not the same as moral principles. Moral doctrines encompass the entire range of ethics or the science of behavior. Jural doctrines include only those areas of moral conduct that are recognized by law.

Jural denotes the state or an organized political society.

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of or relating to law or to the administration of justice.
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judgment as a three-term jural relation, a right can impose a
Families of polity are also jural publics, as described by Burke (2010:64), in which are vested obligations and responsibilities, much like the estate groups from which they have evolved.
The parties, in short, sought to litigate their jural relationship, which was contested, rather than to alter those relations through an investitive act.
a concept with a jural meaning implicates the debate over the usefulness
various commonwealths that exist in the world are in the same jural
(71) See: BANAKAR Reza, Integrating Reciprocal Perspectives: On Georges Gurvitch's Theory of Immediate Jural Experience, in: 16(1) Canadian Journal of Law and Society (2001), 67-91.
He thought that "neither effort nor expense constitutes the matter of the right to occupancy, but 'the effort involved in its use.'" As Hoevel explains, "labor required to attain 'jural occupancy' evidently implies not only physical or material force but an intellectual and moral act" (111).
into some greater whole as jural composites--for instance, the fee
(1) (2) (3) (4) JURAL Right Privilege Power Immunity OPPOSITES No Right Duty Disability Liability (1) (2) (3) (4) JURAL Right Privilege Power Immunity CORRELATIVES Duty No Right Liability Disability 1965 SELMA TO MONTGOMERY CIVIL RIGHTS MARCH
This takes us out of the realm of jural relations and into the realm of political and constitutional theory.
If such matrifilial "pulls" were normally counterbalanced by the jural authority of the patrilineage, rare cases of women bearing the children of two lineage brothers had a subversive rechanneling effect, in that such offspring as a sibling group shared all of their mother's blood but only half of their father's blood in common.
From one perspective, their claims have failed to achieve the entitlement and recognition grounded in these governmental regimes in-so-far as recognition through jural means has been partial at best (Povinelli 2002; Scambary 2007).