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The principles of natural and positive rights recognized by law.

Jural pertains to the rights and obligations sanctioned and governed by positive law or that law which is enacted by proper authority. Jural doctrines are founded upon fundamental rules and protect essential rights and duties.

Jural principles are not the same as moral principles. Moral doctrines encompass the entire range of ethics or the science of behavior. Jural doctrines include only those areas of moral conduct that are recognized by law.

Jural denotes the state or an organized political society.


adjective according to law, de jure, founded in law, judicatory, judicial, judiciary, juridical, juristic, legal, of law, pertaining to law, recognized by law, sanccioned by law, within the law


of or relating to law or to the administration of justice.
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Though there is ambiguity in the tripartite relationship of workers-contractor-principal employer in the contract labor system as to on whom among the contractor or the principal employer this duty would ultimately lie, but as there is a jural joint relation between the principal employer and the contractor, the Hohfeldian structure seems to be in tandem.
Kinship takes on a jural function in everyday life and social structure, valorized and sanctioned by religious belief and practice, expressed in interpersonal relationships as relative rights and obligations, situationally defined, and owed between different rolestates between people.
He said constitutional amendments made in a hurry with reaction could not be permanent and would cause serious jural mistakes.
constituting the in rem jural relation known as "property").
It is possible to remove evil characteristic of power only with the help of fight for making actions of law, certainly jural state.
By authorizing causes of action against individual persons in their capacities as private jural entities separate and apart from their public capacities as agents through whom the government acts, section 1983 creates substantive entitlements, and imposes on individual-capacity defendants substantive duties, that otherwise would not exist.
Or does Hughes want Aboriginal polygamists to be treated as jural minors?
Religion is sociologically interesting not because, as a vulgar positivism would have it, it describes the social order (which, in so far as it does, it does not only very obliquely but very incompletely), but because, like environment, political power, wealth, jural obligation, personal affection and a sense of beauty, it shapes it.
Place-based epistemologies relate to waterscapes as much as to land: 'Aboriginal waterscapes are construed not only as physical domains but also as spiritual, social and jural spaces, according the same fundamental principles as our affiliations to places in the landscape' (Langton, cited in Behrendt & Thompson, 2003, p.
I have in mind here the ways in which he subjects the notion of volksgeist in Savigny (in Stone, J, 1966), and of jural postulates in Pound (in Stone, J, 1965) to interlocution arsing from, and its further recomposition, from the experience of postcolonial societies, especially of India.
The law "is not a bounded set of norms, rules, principles, values, or whatever from which jural responses to distilled events can be drawn, but part of a distinctive manner of imagining the real.