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The certificate of an officer that a written instrument was sworn to by the individual who signed it.

Jurat is derived from jurare, Latin for "to swear." It is proof that an oath was taken before an administering officer, such as a notary. In an Affidavit, a jurat is the clause at the end of the document stating the date, place, and name of the person before whom it was sworn.

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(jur-at) n. Latin for "been sworn," the portion of an affidavit in which a person has sworn that the contents of his/her written statement are true), filled in by the Notary Public with the date, name of the person swearing, sometimes the place where sworn, and the name of the person before whom the oath was made. It reads generally: "Sworn to this 12th day of October, 1994, by Martha J. Milner, before me, a notary public for said state and county. Barbara A. Stenerson, Notary Public." A jurat is not to be confused with an "acknowledgment" in which the signer of a document such as a deed to real property has sworn to the notary public that he/she executed the document, and the notary signs and seals the document to that effect. (See: acknowledgment, notary public)

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1 the part of an affidavit in which the swearing of the oath by the deponent is recorded.
2 a permanent lay judge of the Royal Court of Jersey or the Royal Court of Guernsey deciding questions of fact and sentence in conjunction with a professional judge of law.
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The OSG said De Lima's petition is considered a mere scrap of paper due to the questionable execution of the jurat in her petition.
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"Though government has bestowed 'Sitara Jurat' on him, to be honest he really deserved 'Nishan Haider'," commented a very senior bureaucrat, "in a war a soldier or an officer is engaged in a battle for a few days, Safi was involved in a prolonged war- consisting of numerous battles undeterred by the risks to his person and family".
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Imagine how many businesses could be lost because of the ban," said Jurat Hamiti, a 30-year-old businessman.
In Jenkins, TC Memo 1989-617, the taxpayer filed a return with a modified jurat. Instead of declaring under penalty of perjury that her return was "true, correct and complete," the taxpayer declared that her return was estimated.
All 10 uniformed security guards who were on duty at the ministry were arrested because they failed to react properly, according to Kabul police chief Din Mohammed Jurat.
General Din Muhammad Jurat, the Interior Ministry director general for security, said the suspects were being questioned, but gave no other details.
If the IRS believes the circumstances dictate a departure from prior practice, consideration should be given to developing an 1120XEZ or 1120XR&D that limits the jurat to the subject of the claim.
* The required signature, Form 8453 (Jurat form), disrupts the normal processing of the tax returns in a CPA office.