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JURATS, officers. In some English corporations, jurats are officers who have much the same power as aldermen in others. Stat. 1 Ed. IV. Stat. 2 & 3 Ed. VI. c. 30; 13 Ed. I., c. 26.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"The commissioner directed that in order to convict, the jurats would need to be certain beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant had sent a text message at the moment of impact with Clinton or immediately before it.
The hearing was adjourned for the judge and jurats to further consider the sentences for the remaining defendants.
Imposing the 30-month sentence, the presiding Bailiff, Sir Philip Bailhache, who was sitting with Jurats Clapham said: "We accept that you got out of your depth with your dealings with the supplier and the loan shark."
Thus, the Aljama was independent of the city council, called Jurats. This arrangement was largely a source of conflict, since the Jurats usually found some means of controlling the Jews, mostly on theological grounds.
Solicitor General Howard Sharp, for the prosecution, told the presiding judge Sir Michael Birt and two jurats - similar to magistrates in mainland UK - who are judging the case: "Until around June 2011 the defendant's day-to-day behaviour was unremarkable, but things changed in June and July.
"She staggered out into the street and collapsed in front of some scaffolding outside the flat next door," Mr Sharp told the judge and the jurats.
Thejudge,sittingwithapanel of five jurats - retired members of the public who set the sentence in the Channel Islands- added that it ought to be known that Jersey courts impose severe sentences for drugs offences.
Such failure could also result in a finding that the taxpayer has not filed a "complete" return as required by the statute and as attested to by the taxpayer and preparer by signing their respective jurats. Based on the increased enforcement activity by both Customs and the IRS and the new information-sharing regulations, coordination between the two disciplines is critical.