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Edition revised and completed, Bucharest: Universul Juridic Publishing House.
In NDAA's board of limited jurisdiction model, the juridic administrator creates a board that is delegated specified responsibilities for governing the school, including hiring, supervising, and evaluating the principal and for all other areas of school governance except for those which are specifically reserved to the pastor/bishop by Canon Law.
En la seva produccio intel-lectual de caire juridic destaquen les glosses al Decret de Gracia i, sobretot, la famosa compilacio de les Decretals, promulgades el 1234 i en vigor fins al codi de dret canonic del papa sant Pius x (1904).
Parishes represent separate juridic persons over which pastors exercise authority as the proper shepherd (#515) and must be respected as the ultimate authority for church goods within the parish (#1281-1288).
The mandate of III Baltimore did not distinguish between elementary and high schools, which may have led to uncertainty at times about the precise juridic status of Catholic high schools.
2013), "Reprezentarea si asistarea parjilor prin avocat sau consilier juridic in lumina noului Cod de procedura civila," Dreptul, 5/2013: 27.
The insistence of the Holy See that the role of the bishops in regard to the universities be juridic could undermine that less formal but friendlier collaboration.
George GIRLESTEANU, Drept Constitutional si institutii politice (Constitutional Law and Political Institutions), Bucharest, Universul Juridic Publishing, 2012, ISBN 978-973-127-604-5, 468 pages
Under canon law, when a bishop closes a parish, which is legally considered a "juridic person," that juridic person ceases to exist and the money goes to the superior juridic person, that is, the diocese, Coriden said.
Reglementarea constitutionala a institutiei ordonantei de urgenta, act juridic al Guvernului cu aceeasi valoare normativa ca si a legii adoptate de catre Parlament, se produce prin intermediul dispozitiilor art.