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In NDAA's board of limited jurisdiction model, the juridic administrator creates a board that is delegated specified responsibilities for governing the school, including hiring, supervising, and evaluating the principal and for all other areas of school governance except for those which are specifically reserved to the pastor/bishop by Canon Law.
Augustin Fuerea, "Dreptul comunitar al afacerilor" (Community Business Law), 2nd edition, revised and addended, Editura Universul Juridic, Bucuresti, 2006, p.
En la seva produccio intel-lectual de caire juridic destaquen les glosses al Decret de Gracia i, sobretot, la famosa compilacio de les Decretals, promulgades el 1234 i en vigor fins al codi de dret canonic del papa sant Pius x (1904).
The religious congregations are juridic persons separate and distinct from the juridic person of the diocese and therefore the governance of their schools is aligned with the dictates of the religious orders' constitution and governance structure.
It is an accepted part of the very structure of the juridic mechanism.
2010), Jurisdictii si proceduri judiciare in Uniunea Europeana, Bucharest: Universul Juridic Publishing House.
Ascension is sponsored by Ascension Sponsor, a non-congregational public juridic person whose members include both laypersons and representatives of the Daughters of Charity of St.
An inter-parish school can be established as an independent "juridic person" or as part of the juridic person of the lead parish.
While many health systems receive sponsorship from a few different congregations, reflecting partnerships forged over the last few decades, Ascension Health is among several systems that have adopted the public juridic person model, and created a new sponsoring entity called Ascension Health Ministries,
Schianu, I,(2001), Regimul juridic al comertului electronic (Legal framework of the electronic commerce), Revista de drept comercial, no.
To the extent that juridic language is what he focuses upon, leaving aside the nature of non-judicial discourse, Schweber heartily endorses the translation model of adjudication.
4) Gilbert Schwar, Tribunalul de Arbitraj al Sportului, in "Primul seminar juridic.