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Pertaining to the administration of justice or to the office of a judge.A juridical act is one that conforms to the laws and the rules of court. A juridical day is one on which the courts are in session.


adjective according to law, adjudged, advisory, authoritative, authorized, concerning the law, conformable with the law, discerning, discretionary, discriminating, discriminative, enlightened, equitable, fair, forensic, impartial, in accordance with the law, in conformmty to the law, judgmatic, judicative, judicatorial, judicatory, judicial, judiciary, judicious, jural, jurisprudential, juristic, just, justifiable, justified, legal, legalistic, legalized, magisterial, perceptive, perspicacious, politic, prescribed, principled, proper, provident, prudent, prudential, rational, reflecting, right, rightful, sagacious, sage, sanctioned, sapient, sound, unbiased, understanding, unprejudiced, warranted, well-advised, within the law
See also: civic, forensic, judicial, jural


of or relating to law, to the administration of justice, or to the office or function of a judge.

JURIDICAL. Signifies used in courts of law; done in conformity to the laws of the country, and the practice which is there observed.

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Though we call published decisions "opinions," they are not supposed to be other than consequences of applying those principles of juridical reasoning to facts and established law of each case.
Juridical personality is important in domestic law as well as in international law.
She covers a prolegomena to a discussion of unilateral juridical acts in international law, a classification of unilateral acts, the work of the International Law Commission on unilateral acts of states, the unilateral nature of unilateral juridical acts, the concept of juridical acts in international law, unilateral acts as juridical acts, unilateral declarations of independence, and unilateral security assurances.
The six fake universities in Delhi, according to the UGC, are Varanseya Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya, Commercial University Ltd, United Nations University, Vocational University, ADR- Central Juridical University and ADRCentral Juridical University.
His criticisms of the juridical constitution should motivate scholars to pay greater attention to the role of the civic constitution.
highlights: Lumen gentium's communion ecclesiology seems displaced by a return to a more juridical ecclesiology in Apostolos suos (1998) that denies episcopal conferences the fullness of their theological and juridical identity supported by an expansive understanding of episcopal collegiality.
Through the introduction of the Doctrine of Constructive Inference (41) and its three constitutive ingredients--(a) juridical imposition, (b) juridical indicators, and (c) juridical presuppositions--this section will demonstrate how united choice is still possible in such cases.
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