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Law, for Leoni, as made by the jurisconsults and the common-law judges, is a spontaneous-order process focused on how the law emerges from the resolution of discrete disputes between private individuals and an ongoing conversation among different judges to determine what the law should be.
Eventually he became the foremost jurisconsult of 'Iraq after Qadi Abu Yusuf, his scholarly accomplishments became widely known, which attracted many gifted and accomplished students to him from far and wide.
Jean Bodin(1529-1596) a fost jurisconsult, magistrat, economist, consilier al ducelui d'Alencon, dar si principal reprezentant al partidului "politicilor".
A Hezbollah member writes to Ayatollah Ali Khameini, Iran's Supreme Leader or Jurisconsult (Wali al Fiqeh) who the party often consults on religious issues and political matters.
(16.) In Tlemcen (now in western Algeria) a noted jurisconsult Abu Abdallah ibn Marzuq delivered a long fatwa (that is, a legal decision) on 21 August 1409.
Grandson on the paternal side of General Joaquim Antonio de Araujo Pessoa, who fought in the Liberal Wars, and Dionisia Seabra; grandson on the maternal side of Councillor Luis Antonio Nogueira, jurisconsult and general director of the Ministerio do Reino, and Madalena Xavier Pinheiro.
In the discussion of the religious ideology, the author addresses in great detail the doctrines from which Hizbullah drew inspiration, including the fundamentals of the Shiite faith, the theory of the guardianship of the Jurisconsult (wilayat faqih) as elaborated by Imam Khomeyni the leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, and finally the struggle in the path of god (jihad fi sabilillah).
The definition of the Roman jurisconsult Ulpian, placed at the beginning of the Digest--law is the constant and perpetual will to render his right to each man (6)--echoes Cicero.
To follow sound custom is an obligation." Al-Sarakhsi, a noted jurisconsult of the same epoch, emphasized: "Whatever is established by sound custom is equally well established by sound legal proof," meaning that Islamic law implicitly endorses all good aspects of local culture.
The tricameral government structure is ruled over by a supreme religious jurisconsult, or "supreme leader." The supreme leader, chosen by a group of eighty-three Islamic scholars who are elected to the Assembly of Experts, oversees the country's decision-making process.
Holland goes on to describe a process for dealing with such a slice of legal foundation, essentially summarizing the comparative method that Maine advocates in his own works: The most skilful jurisconsult, when asked to exhibit any particular rule of law, can do so only after first laboriously examining all the legal strata in which any traces of it are to be found, and then piecing together from the fragments thus collected what after all he can only present as a probable reconstruction of the required entity.