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Omar Al Khatib, Executive Director of the Islamic Affairs at the IACAD, said, "It is important that the IACAD plays an essential role in providing fatwas based on religious and jurisprudential principles and contributes to spreading the principles of moderate Islam among all Muslims.
is a matter of considerable political as well as jurisprudential regret
Njoki said the interpretation of Mwilu and team would unleash 'jurisprudential confusion never before witnessed'.
On the basis of aforementioned two different theological attitudes, we are confronted with two different jurisprudential frameworks.
Comparing the Congress rule to the current BJP-led government, Jaitley said: "The paradox in our jurisprudential evolution is that we have applied a different yardstick to those who want to dismember India and commit an offence of sedition.
In contemporary jurisprudential writing, there is no lack of attention to method.
The rule of law encompasses not just the meaning of the words themselves, but an entire set of legal conditions, judicial principles, and jurisprudential philosophies.
The board reviewed reports issued by the internal Sharia'a department of the Islamic window, including the Sharia'a audit and compliance reports as well as the most important banking jurisprudential issues faced by Al Yusr during the same period.
106), his proposal would go a significant step further and generally exclude competing normative values that justices with fundamentally different jurisprudential perspectives could legitimately find dispositive.
jurisprudential aspects, in addition to a collection of cultural
As Fred Schauer, one of America's most distinguished legal and constitutional theorists, writes in this fine book: "In large parts of the contemporary jurisprudential tradition, the mere possibility of sanction-independent legal obligations is sufficient to establish that sanctions--coercion--are not part of law's nature."
BAHAWALPUR -- Two-day workshop on the topic of 'Intersect Harmony in the Light of Paigham-e-Pakistan to mitigate clashes of Jurisprudential Definition and Interpretation' in collaboration of Higher Education Commission, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Bargad Organization for Youth Development would be held at Department of Islamic Studies of the Islamia University of Bahawalpur.