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A judge or legal scholar; an individual who is versed or skilled in law.

The term jurist is ordinarily applied to individuals who have gained respect and recognition by their writings on legal topics.


n. although it means any attorney or legal scholar, jurist popularly refers to a judge.


noun advocate, attorney, attorney-at-law, barrister, bencher, counsel, counselor, counselor-at-law, iuris consultus, iuris peritus, judge, jurisconsult, justice, lawyer, learned counsel, legal adviser, legal expert, legal practitioner, legal representative, legist, magistrate, master of jurisprudence, member of the bar, member of the legal profession, one called to the bar, pleader, practicing lawyer, practitioner of the law, procurator, prosecutor, public attorney, solicitor
Foreign phrases: Natura appetit perfectum, ita et lex.Nature seeks perfection, and so does the law. Non verbis sed ipsis rebus. leges imponimus. We do not impose laws upon words, but upon the things themselves. Leges naturae perfectissimae sunt et immutabiles; humani vero juris conditio semper in infinitum decurrit, et nihil est in eo quod perpetuo stare possit. The laws of nature are the most perfect and immutable, but the condition of human law is unending and there is nothing in it which can continue perpetually.
See also: advocate, attorney, barrister, counsel, counselor, esquire, judge, lawyer, magistrate

JURIST. One well versed in the science of the law. The term is usually applied to students and practitioners of law.

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HRH the Premier was yesterday conferred the Golden Shield, the Arab Jurists Union's top award, for his pan-Arab stances, consolidating human rights and his distinguished position as a regional and international political figure.
The first jurist in this study to give a detailed explanation of his view in favor of women judging is Ibn Hazm (d.
We believe that ignorance and incuriosity equate with being a good juror and apparently, we have come to believe they also qualify one to be a good jurist or justice.
A collection of student orations by the Salamancan jurist Diego de Covarrubias, edited here in the appendix, offers a glimpse of the mental landscape of canon and civil lawyers in this era.
After Justice Kennedy stated that foreign courts are too remote and unknown for the American public to accept, a prominent British jurist complained: "Your system is quite certain it has nothing much to learn from us.
The guiding principle behind the voting is that jurors should compare each car against the best models in their segments, not other vehicles on the ballot," said jurist Tony Swan of the Detroit Free Press.
Judge Connelly is a very careful jurist and we have every expectation that his analysis of the issues will be very thorough.
Jurist Artan Dika explains that the law is discriminative also in regards of payment of employees during holidays.
Lewis Named Jurist of the Year: The Florida Chapters of the American Board of Trial Advocates selected Chief Justice R.
Baxter, 65, has a reputation as a no-nonsense jurist, making headlines in 1996 when he sentenced a man who caused two deaths in a boating accident to 720 hours of community service at the county morgue.
No jurist in the preSafavid era, whether living in Baghdad, Hilla, or Jabal [[blank].
Risalat dhat al-bayan fi l-radd 'ala Ibn Qutayba is one of several polemical treatises written by the preeminent Fatimid jurist al-Qadi al-Nu'man b.