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Photo: David Jurist, of The Eileen Fund, presents Raina Glesias with the HBO Now programing gift card.
As jurists, and even for those of us leaders in government, we need to play a leading role in closing this gap so that our Constitution can find rootedness in our societies.
198-218/813-833), led to the creation of a delicate balance of power between jurists and rulers.
On Tuesday, the BakyrkE[micro]y 2nd High Criminal Court banned the jurists -- who had been under investigation by the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) in connection with the Iran-backed terrorist organization Tawhid Salam probe that implicated senior officials in the AK Party -- from leaving the country.
In a letter addressed to the Bahrain Bar Society, led by lawyer Huda Al-Mahza, the Chairman of the Emirates Lawyers and Jurists Association Zayed Al Shamsi extended sincere condolences over the martyrs of duty of the terrorist acts in Bahrain, praying to Allah Almighty to rest the souls of the martyrs in eternal peace, grant their relatives patience and fortitude and bless the wounded with speedy recovery.
1]iy1/2 al-Nu'myun's Disagreements of the Jurists , one of the foundational legal texts of Ismaili Islam, and spoke over Skype aboutwhy this book is important in understanding Islamic legal traditions and the Fatimid Empire, why medieval scholars thought it was classier not to cite their sources, and why a minority tradition would feel the need to conform to the shape of the majority, among other interesting things.
The jurists also appreciated amendments in the execution law and said that the recent amendments will not only help in eradicating terrorism wave but also help in control other heinous crimes from the society.
He told the Arab jurists that one of the outcomes of terrorism plaguing the Arab ummah (nation) is that it is distracting the world from paying attention to the Palestinian issue and the violations happening against the people of Palestine and the Al Aqsa Mosque, adding that high hopes are being pinned on the Arabs becoming more aware and having solidarity among themselves to "fend off this conspiracy and prevent it from succeeding.
Foreign dignitaries including the Chief Justices/Judges of the Superior Courts, jurists, scholars and luminaries in the field of law from around the World have also been invited to participate in the Conference.
The basic grammar of private law in all Western systems--the organizing concepts of ownership, obligation, debtor and creditor, wrongful harm, the enforcement of promises, and so on--was created by the Roman jurists.
Islamic legal thought; a compendium of Muslim jurists.
Ten years ago, the judiciary instituted the Federal Law Clerk Hiring Plan, (1) an employment system meant to regularize hiring in which most circuit and district court jurists voluntarily participated.