jury charge

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recent publication of every surviving grand jury charge from colonial,
Le membre de jury charge de la selection des projets tiendra compte de l'efficacite des ressources, de l'energie et des couts, la durabilite, l'amelioration des conditions du travail et la securite ainsi que des avantages pratiques.
Selon des indiscretions d'un membre de la fondation Mohamed-Dib, pour le jury charge d'attribuer une distinction portant le nom de l'auteur, il est quasiment certain que la remise de celle-ci sera reportee pour la seconde fois.
C'est-a-dire un jury charge de defendre les couleurs du pays ?
Thus, they framed the issue as whether a jury charge confused the jury on the proper standard to be applied.
Plaintiff's counsel requested that the court strike the doctor's entire testimony or, in the alternative, issue either a curative instruction or a jury charge concerning monetary influence.
Manifestants pro-decision de Morsi Le tribunal examinera, par ailleurs, la demande de recusation du jury charge de l'examen des recours contre la dissolution de l'Assemblee constituante le 30 juillet.
The court observed that the Model Civil Jury Charge Committee's notes concerning the proximate cause charges are fully in accord with older authorities, advising that "proximate cause should he carefully defined for the jury and tailored to the facts of the particular case" because "recent research and literature on jurors' comprehension of instructions uniformly indicates that jurors do not understand the technical language in most proximate cause charges.
Statistics tell us that 90-95 percent of trial-court errors are found in the jury charge.
In this case, the majority felt that the issue of children delaying the reporting of sexual abuse was so well-known that, not only should the expert not have been allowed to testify about it, but the judge ought to have included mention of it in the jury charge.
The trial court granted the motion, and then, in accordance with the previous discussion, indicated to counsel that the jury charge would be that a medical battery, was committed and the issue which jury was to decide was what sum of money, if any, the patient was entitled to recover as compensatory damages for the battery.