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2002) (1783) (arguing that "sensible and upright jurymen, chosen by lot from among those of the middle rank, will be found the best investigators of truth and the surest guardians of public justice" because "the most powerful individual in the state will be cautious of committing any flagrant invasion of another's right, when he knows that the fact of his oppression must be examined and decided by twelve indifferent men, not appointed till the hour of trial," and observing that the English jury system thus "preserves in the hands of the people that share which they ought to have in the administration of public justice, and prevents the encroachments of the more powerful and wealthy citizens").
As As a Briggs observed: 'There was no powerful bureaucracy: there was no English droit administratif, no raison d'etat to override the common law or to intimidate judges and jurymen .
The headlines read: "DENTON SLAYING CASE IS OPENED--Eleven Prospective Jurymen Are Selected in Los Angeles Court--Public Defender Acts as Attorney for Mrs.
Here therefore a competent number of sensible and upright jurymen, chosen by lot from among those of the middle rank, will be found the best investigators of truth, and the surest guardians of public justice.
Nevertheless, Davidson's argument carried weight with the jurymen, who found Apo not guilty by a vote of nine to three.
10) Justices of the peace and grand jurymen were advised that physicians were the ones best qualified to distinguish between maleficium and natural disease.
Trollope's drawing out of the trial in volume two suggests a similar investment in or comment upon the process more than on the verdict, which he expeditiously renders in two lines: "The jurymen put their heads together; and the foreman, without half a minute's delay, declared that they were unanimous, and that they found the prisoner Not Guilty" (1983, 2.
Twelve white jurymen had just been picked in the first phase of a controversial murder receiving worldwide media attention.
Offices comprising "constables, churchwardens, jurymen and overseers of many kinds," (350) worked to create what Professor J.
Many restaurants, bars and businesses on the Haymarket, in Trajectory and on Jurymen Street are experiencing disruption.
They say upon their oath that the aforesaid Edward Calveley and a certain Edward Oxley, yeoman, Sidney Francis, butcher, John Homden, butcher, William Beache, tailor, and various other persons unknown to the aforesaid jurymen on 25 June in the year & c last past assembled together at Tonbridge aforesaid in a certain house there called "a playhouse"; and [that] the aforesaid Edward Calveley, Edward Oxley, Sidney Francis, John Holmden, and William Beach did then and there make an assault and a certain affray among themselves in the night of the same day; [and that] indeed in this affray and assault the same aforesaid Edward Oxley, yeoman, with a dagger, in English "a dagger," of the value of 12d.
a genuinely qualified trial judge has the capacity to translate legal jargon into English intelligible to lay jurymen and can, without endangering the legal soundness of his instructions, give the jury a useful analysis of the task it has ahead of it.