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By their decisions jurymen are asked to punish with long years of weary confinement or even to blot out human life.
But should his honour raise bum-fiddle, (14) The charm would break off in the middle, And jurymen be left of course In former plight, if not much worse.
Under intense pressure from abroad the former Yugoslavia's mass murders eventually were rounded up and dispatched in double quick time to the Court of Justice in the Hague, which conveniently got their countrymen's judges and jurymen off the hook.
It was a grand joke, but I was in fear that if he were indicted, a ribald petit jury might convict him, and I knew that in any case, the scandal would do him grave damage professionally and cost him a great deal of money, so I argued the grand jurymen into finding no bill.
A bad experience with a police officer does not serve well, as jurymen should know, and casts a blemish on the other first class members of the Force.
Jurymen and assembly delegates voted on the basis of how things appeared to them, and Protagoras believes that appearances exhaust reality.
Nevertheless, Davidson's argument carried weight with the jurymen, who found Apo not guilty by a vote of nine to three.
Trollope's drawing out of the trial in volume two suggests a similar investment in or comment upon the process more than on the verdict, which he expeditiously renders in two lines: "The jurymen put their heads together; and the foreman, without half a minute's delay, declared that they were unanimous, and that they found the prisoner Not Guilty" (1983, 2.
Many restaurants, bars and businesses on the Haymarket, in Trajectory and on Jurymen Street are experiencing disruption.
a genuinely qualified trial judge has the capacity to translate legal jargon into English intelligible to lay jurymen and can, without endangering the legal soundness of his instructions, give the jury a useful analysis of the task it has ahead of it.
They say upon their oath that the aforesaid Edward Calveley and a certain Edward Oxley, yeoman, Sidney Francis, butcher, John Homden, butcher, William Beache, tailor, and various other persons unknown to the aforesaid jurymen on 25 June in the year & c last past assembled together at Tonbridge aforesaid in a certain house there called "a playhouse"; and [that] the aforesaid Edward Calveley, Edward Oxley, Sidney Francis, John Holmden, and William Beach did then and there make an assault and a certain affray among themselves in the night of the same day; [and that] indeed in this affray and assault the same aforesaid Edward Oxley, yeoman, with a dagger, in English "a dagger," of the value of 12d.