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Legally right; conformity with that which is lawful or fair.

Just cause for an action, for example, is a reason for a course of action that is based upon Good Faith.


adjective aboveboard, according to law, aequus, affording no undue advantage, appropriate, as it should be, authoritative, awarded deservedly, befitting, bona fide, cogent, condign, constitutional, deserved, deserving, detached, disinterested, dispassionate, due, equable, equitable, ethical, even-handed, exact, expected, express, fair, fair and square, fair-minded, fit, fitting, forceful, honest, impartial, incorruptible, iustus, judicious, juridical, justifiable, justified, lawful, legal, legitimate, licit, logical, merited, meritorious, meritus, moral, objective, open to reason, owed, owing, precise, principled, proper, rational, reasonable, reputable, right, righteous, rightful, scrupulous, sincere, solid, sound, square, straight, straightforward, sufficient, suitable, unbiased, unbigoted, unbribable, unbribed, unchallengeable, uncolored, uncorrupt, uncorrupted, unimpeachable, uninfluenced, unswayed, upright, upstanding, veracious, weighty, wise, worthy
Associated concepts: just and reasonable grounds, just cause, just claim, just compensation, just debts, just deciiion, just terms, just value in a case, without just cause
See also: bona fide, condign, conscientious, equal, equitable, ethical, evenhanded, fair, honest, impartial, incorruptible, judicial, juridical, licit, mere, meritorious, moral, objective, open-minded, reasonable, rightful, solid, sound, suitable, unbiased, unprejudiced, upright

JUST. This epithet is applied to that which agrees with a given law which is the test of right and wrong. 1 Toull. prel. n. 5 Aust. Jur. 276, n. It is that which accords with the perfect rights of others. Wolff, Inst. Sec. 83; Swinb. part 1, s. 2, n. 5, and part 1, Sec. 4, n. 3. By just is also understood full and perfect, as a just weight Swinb. part 1, s. 3, U. 5.

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NOW when Jove had thus brought Hector and the Trojans to the ships, he left them to their never-ending toil, and turned his keen eyes away, looking elsewhither towards the horse-breeders of Thrace, the Mysians, fighters at close quarters, the noble Hippemolgi, who live on milk, and the Abians, justest of mankind.
The justest distribution of political power is that in which there is least waste of political ability.
Lydgate pausing and looking at her began to feel that half-maddening sense of helplessness which comes over passionate people when their passion is met by an innocent-looking silence whose meek victimized air seems to put them in the wrong, and at last infects even the justest indignation with a doubt of its justice.