justice under the law

See: equity, justice
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We must recognize those heroes and the generations who advocated, marched, and insisted that this nation made good on the promise of equal justice under the law."
In a statement the former President said that the reports were very disturbing and called for a thorough probe and investigation and bringing the culprits to justice under the law. Media reports have said that nearly three hundred young children were sexually abused and filmed for criminal gangsters sometime back but the reports surfaced now.
"'Equal justice under the law' is not merely a phrase inscribed above our courthouse door.
Apparently who is subject to the death penalty is determined largely by "local culture." We have "Equal Justice Under the Law" emblazoned on the front of the Supreme Court, but that doesn't mean it's a reality.
Board of Education] lawyers had apparently accomplished what politicians, scholars, and others could not--an unparalleled victory that would create a nation of equal justice under the law. The Court's decision seemed to call for a new era in which black children and white children would have equal opportunities to achieve the proverbial American Dream.
Powell, Jr.'s more precise avowal that Marshall "did more to establish equal justice under the law than Martin Luther King Jr., or any other single individual" Juan Williams' biography of Marshall is neither definitive nor perfect, but it's an admirable portrait of a superb litigator whose undistinguished judicial record should not be allowed to eclipse his remarkable earlier achievements.