justice under the law

See: equity, justice
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In a statement the former President said that the reports were very disturbing and called for a thorough probe and investigation and bringing the culprits to justice under the law.
We couldn't just leave it up to the states to practice equal justice under the law.
Board of Education] lawyers had apparently accomplished what politicians, scholars, and others could not--an unparalleled victory that would create a nation of equal justice under the law.
s more precise avowal that Marshall "did more to establish equal justice under the law than Martin Luther King Jr.
Legal Services Corporation is a private, non-profit corporation established by Congress in 1974 to assure equal access to justice under the law for all Americans.
Equal justice under the law is what moves me and animates and consumes me, and I am willing to lose my seat any day of the week rather than sell out on those issues,'' Hyde said.
Once again, UT and Baylor have assumed a leadership role in the legal profession's service to the community and have demonstrated their commitment to equal justice under the law.
NCLR is working in partnership with Equality Florida's Legal Advocacy Project to protect the rights of Florida's LGBT community by seeking fairness and equal justice under the law.