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A reasonable rejection must rest on the kinds of interests that people generally have, such as their safety, (55) and must have the goal of achieving agreement on terms of mutual justifiability. (56) That basic demand precludes rejections based on spite or negotiation strategy.
International websites observed important evaluation criteria such as authorship and authority, attribution, justifiability, scope, and having a 'recently updated' date more than the Iranian websites.
In what follows, a complete answer to the question, 'was the appropriation of foreign legal material justified?,' depends essentially on the justifiability of the judicial borrowings at hand.
effective tools for verifying justifiability of tax benefit.
Free Will and the Asymmetrical Justifiability of Holding Morally Responsible, BENJAMIN VILHAUER
In sixteen pages, Pihlstrom skates quickly over many "conceptual and metaphilosophical issues concerning the status of theism and the meta-level contrast between evidentialism and fideism" (196), to conclude that the only hedge Jamesians have against pluralism being discarding as one of many different plausible philosophies is the responsibility of reflexive criticism and inquiry into the justifiability of particular perspectives.
In discussions about the justifiability of warfare, World War II has been the anti-pacifists' trump card.
The HONcode proposes a structure for evaluating sources of information and identifying any potential bias based on the following criteria: authority, complementarity, confidentiality, attribution, justifiability, transparency, financial disclosure, and advertising policy (see Figure 3).
this context is much the same as justifiability. (38) Where the reliance
Opinions about the recent honour killing incident as well as other questions about opinions on men and women's rights to marry, daughters and wives obedience to fathers and husbands, and justifiability of killing in the name of honour were asked.