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I know of no other place where I've seen this number of justifiable homicides.
As can be seen, the vast majority of respondents in each country believe that accepting a bribe is never justifiable.
Justifiable homicide--Certain willful killings must be reported as justifiable or excusable.
Our justifiable anger with the greed of the few and the thoughtlessness of Westminster should not propel us into stupidity.
This is seen by all as hooliganism and one assumes custodial action when caught, yet the infinitely worse actions of students are tagged as justifiable protest
1 : a reasonable and justifiable feeling of being worthwhile : self-respect
When asked to rate, on a 5-point scale, if sacrificing your life for what you believe in is justifiable, residents of NWFP (67%) are more likely than Pakistanis as a whole (44%) to say that sacrificing one's life is a completely justifiable act.
The 9th updated and expanded edition of "Doll Values: Antique To Modern" is a justifiable best-seller because it is a 'must' for any dedicated doll collector.
When CE featured him in a cover story years later, Lay exhibited all the characteristics of an upstanding entrepreneur who took justifiable pride in his organization and the people with whom he worked in building it into a global energy trading giant.
Choosing life in small ways" would be justifiable if it meant that in morally acceptable ways the evil done by a law was in fact significantly lessened.
Marshall added: "Our law in Scotland has a defence of justifiable assault on a child.
After analyzing the moral and political components of the "pre--emptive" Bush Doctrine, he turns to explication of the requirements of jus ad bellum (justification for going to war), jus in bello (conduct of justifiable acts in wartime), and jus post bellum (the justifiable imposition of peace once major combat has ceased).