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Solid majorities of Americans feel that NASA's budget is justifiable and that it should be maintained or increased.
We believe that the decision to relocate the tribunal sitting to Abuja was also without any justifiable reason because there had been no reports on any security breach neither had there been any other cogent factor that could have necessitated the action.
The resolution added that while Trillanes is a public official and should not be 'onion skinned' from the criticisms from the public, it is not an excuse 'to make baseless lies and make up stories' more importantly if the post has 'no good intention or justifiable motive for doing so.'
The Sangguniang Panlungsod, however, may, for a justifiable reason or cause, extend the same without surcharges for a period not exceeding six months.
There were 13 states in which zero justifiable firearm deaths were logged that year.
As plaintiff notes, in Baczkowski (89 NY2d at 503), the Court of Appeals stated that CPLR 3216 is "extremely forgiving" and, "depending on the circumstances, a plaintiff is not always required to establish both a justifiable excuse and a potentially meritorious cause of action to avoid such a dismissal" (see Davis v Goodsell, 6 AD3d 382, 383-384 [2004]).
In an interview in the New Statesman magazine, Begg revealed the airport bomber revealed the airport bomber "would be's the first person to"would be's the first person to say" that the attack was "not say" that the attack was 'not justifiable'".
Canada averages a dozen police shootings per year; Germany only had eight police killings over the last two years; while cops in Britain did not have a single "justifiable homicide" last year, according to the Washington Post.
Making the case that it should be possible to eject MPs for breaking pre-election pledges, he said: "I think that would be a justifiable use of it.
by Lalit K Jha on 8 July, 2014 - 10:50 WASHINGTON (Pajhwok): The US Secretary of State, John Kerry on Tuesday expressed grave concern over reports of protests in Afghanistan and of suggestions of a parallel government, adding there is no justifiable recourse to violence.
Global Banking News-January 15, 2014--Trichet says bank guarantees to Ireland were justifiable
The question asked whether the respondent believed that accepting a bribe in the course of one's duties was justifiable. Responses were measured on a 10-point Likert scale where 1 is never justifiable and 10 is always justifiable.