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The owner's termination of both the construction manager and the general contractor within a six-month period and the hiring of thirty subcontractors in lieu of replacing the general contractor in the first case, and 600 days of delay, which included a construction-manager imposed suspension of work, in the second case were justifiably viewed by the courts as extraordinary circumstances.
Instead, there has been a reversion to the ideas and inspirations that informed the Moderns, and the splintering into different approaches by architects one could justifiably describe as Modernist suggest that the attack on Modernism by its critics was rather like being stung by a bee: painful for the recipient, but fatal for the attackers.
Publishing Gems merits high praise and is justifiably recommended to dedicated authors aspiring to be published.
Bruce Beaver is quite justifiably considered to be one of Australia's greatest poets.
The report stated: "It is obvious the division are very proud of their achievements and justifiably so with virtually all the crime areas showing trends in the right direction.
But because content can be irreverent and even offensive, administrators are justifiably wary about using blogs in school.
But the star of the show is Victoria Clark, whose performance as the mother has justifiably won all the awards this year.
Americans justifiably become a very tough sell when our trust is betrayed.
And that plausibility underscores an often-overlooked problem in fighting the war on terror: The public has a justifiably cynical attitude toward all sorts of government proclamations, especially those emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Needless to say, if the government tried to establish this kind of aggressive atheism, religious believers would justifiably object.
Yet the Democrats, fresh from losing the White House to a man they heartily and justifiably detested, were itching to give Nixon a bloody nose.
Evans also laments, justifiably, the appalling lack of entomologists today.