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This is the distinction between an explanatory account and a justificatory one.
The justificatory argument or theory was a defence of FoE against religious restrictions; it was founded on seeking knowledge and searching for truth, and it was substantively grounded on the idea of justice.
However, the literature reveals three relevant dimensions on which rules and principles have been distinguished-specificity, justificatory content and weight.
11) And most philosophers are aware that justificatory argument about law must accurately account for its posited character.
Because of the present dearth of penetrating criticism, or challenges to the usual justificatory spiel, both deserve to be widely read.
The significations of presidential rhetoric, however, tend to represent programs produced by bureaucratic elites who benefit from them, career-wise; no modern president writes his or her speeches, but bureaucracies continually grow, as do their justificatory self-evaluations (e.
In this chapter, March also successfully deals with possible skeptical, relativist, and historicist critiques to justificatory comparative political theory.
Likewise, the Prime Minister's accusation of inconsistency is eventually a response to the justificatory power of Mr.
The conceptualized contractual agreement between the people and the sovereign has been challenged as being ahistorical and adescriptive, as well as being justificatory for tyranny.
23-34) and Catherine Holst and Anders Molander's "Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Discourse: Examining a Justificatory Strategy" (pp.
But if memory is controlled or manufactured and updated every day, history degenerates into a justificatory and legitimizing design of power and control.