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That means that normative theories of the private law must provide affirmative reasons that justify the outcomes of private law adjudication, not merely endorse the idea of the private law without weighing in on how judges do or should decide cases.
By the time World War II was over, many Christians noticed that the state-even in America--was involving itself in some activities that were increasingly difficult for the church to defend, justify or bless, without in effect denying its own identity and Lord.
The longstanding federal exemption for peyote rituals, which applies to hundreds of thousands of people, made it even harder for the government to justify refusing an exemption for UDV, which has only 130 or so American members.
The Christian church's systematic persecution of homosexuals, he writes, can be explained in large degree by "frightened" gay men like Paul bent on "condemning other gay people" in a thinly veiled effort to justify or completely deny their own religiously defined flaws.
The Court in Ross explained, "[j]ust as probable cause to believe a stolen lawnmower may be found in a garage will not support a warrant to search an upstairs bedroom, probable cause to believe that undocumented aliens are being transported in a van will not justify a warrantless search of a suitcase.
Stalin had his agents murder Sergei Kirov and then used the murder to justify the claim that Russia was beset by a massive conspiracy plotting assassination and terror to overthrow the Soviet regime.
JOHN'S, NL -- The Supreme Court of Newfound and Labrador backed the provincial government in using a financial crisis to justify putting off pay equity payments to female health-care workers, even though the move violated their equality rights.
In the final section, on the Civil War years, the writings of Nathaniel Dawson and Theodorick Montfort open up ways in which men used the joinery between love and ambition, at first, to justify the risk and destruction of the conflict, and then, later, to explain why love justified abandoning the war effort.
Anderson employs to justify his assertion that insurance is a disease.
As the prospects of finding weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq fade, the United States and Britain cannot justify their military intervention in Iraq on humanitarian grounds, nongovernmental Human Rights Watch (HRW) said Monday at the launch of its World Report 2004.
The Tax Court held, as a matter of law, that marketability restrictions, per se, did not justify departure from tabular valuation; see Est.