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6) For this reason, the corrective justice justifications are inadequate: they fail to provide justifying reasons that explain why the losing party lost.
52) Given this reduced expectation of privacy generally, courts have little problem justifying warrantless searches of probationers' and parolee' vehicles on less than probable cause under either the regulatory/administrative search theory or the Fourth Amendment balance of interest test.
The same reasons justifying a landlord's recapture option in a lease justify a tenant's recapture option relative to its subtenant.
Insurance company internal auditors, however, should assume that anyone is capable of justifying the commission of fraud.
For the rules often run up against greater difficulties in practice than in theory, and the spiritual adviser, who is concerned above all with the practical, must seek ways of justifying them.
According to indirect comparativism, the natural assumption is mistaken: What determines a choice as justified is not the justification of choice but whatever provides the justifying force of that justification.
Conversely, if you are doing your job, then you are already justifying your work to your boss routinely.
To present the usability engineer with explicit examples of successful, generalizable methods of justifying usability, in enough detail to allow replication of their use
17) By justifying only Allan's force, the objective theory avoids incompatible or conflicting justifications (between Dan and Allan), the legal anarchy of an intervenor justifiably using force against an innocent victim (Allan) or whichever actor the intervenor chooses, and the anomaly of barring an innocent victim from using justified force.
The EIC causes taxpayers in the $11,250 to $21,250 income range to get increased EIC as they reduce their reported incomes, usually justifying the FSA.
It is the intent of these justifying arguments to establish that violence in the given circumstance is at the very least morally permissible, and sometimes even morally obligatory.
Foundries handling higher-melting point alloys should also have less trouble justifying reclamation.