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In this regard, the Justing element in the Wrath of Jonah holds our eyes open so that we see behind what we usually see, and see what the text does not want us to see (that is, that Nineveh is not only wicked).
However, this isn't just 'Warney's' last test match as both Glen McGrath and Justing Langer have both followed the spin bowler's decision to hang up their boots at the end of today's play.
But after ad justing for special items in both years profits rose at a slower pace (13.
213 can be interpreted as ad justing the numerator of the conventional elasticity to obtain the percentage employment decline among affected workers.
Twice, Dean May, who keeps goal for the army, denied them with breathtaking saves from John Knapper and Justing O'Reilly and Stephen Heath shot over the bar from close range when it looked easier to have scored.