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He said that all parties should objectively and justly treat the Pakistani anti-terrorist efforts, instead of simply blaming them.
A justly balance is within immutable Shariah provisions and guidelines, opposite of just balance is exaggeration which is rejected in the Qur'an and Sunnah, we have to justly balance in matters of beliefs, in matters of worship, in matters of enjoying life and in matters of Ijtihad -- examples, being witnesses for Allah by words, spoken and written, by service to humanity and good example," he said.
Arijanit Hoxha from Demokracia e Re said that DR believes that the Hague court will rule justly.
But the fact is he belongs to our region and we can be justly proud of him.
Adults must also encourage their children to act justly, loving, tenderly and walk humbly with their God, he urged.
I just want to say to all our wonderful nurses out there, I certainly appreciate all the hard work you do and I hope one day you will be justly rewarded.
The US Marines have justly earned their honored reputation on nearly all of the nation's battlefields, and numerous boot camp epics over the years have shown the American public how the Corps sets about turning their boys into mature fighting men.
The sole legitimate function of delegated government is to protect the lives, liberty, and justly acquired property from cultural, political, and economic threats.
If you've ever read the vapid dronings of a food critic at an arts alternative newsweekly, you will get the level of 'innovation' and depth' this book, and the writer, can justly claim for the obituary form.
Addressing the archtypes of myth, from modern pop culture to Ovid to Grimm's fairy tales, Gailey weaves words expressing the hearts of shunned, reviled, justly and unjustly treated villainesses and female victims of fable.
This is one of Bono's favourite albums, and justly so.