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Legally right; conformity with that which is lawful or fair.

Just cause for an action, for example, is a reason for a course of action that is based upon Good Faith.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

JUST. This epithet is applied to that which agrees with a given law which is the test of right and wrong. 1 Toull. prel. n. 5 Aust. Jur. 276, n. It is that which accords with the perfect rights of others. Wolff, Inst. Sec. 83; Swinb. part 1, s. 2, n. 5, and part 1, Sec. 4, n. 3. By just is also understood full and perfect, as a just weight Swinb. part 1, s. 3, U. 5.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"The Wisdom Movement is working on the justness of the oppressed citizens across Iraq, away from sectarianism, the return of displaced people to their areas and the compensation of the families of the martyrs and those affected by the Daesh organization's control," said activist Saeb Abdullah, who oversees the demonstration./ End
A desire for fairness and justness is at the heart of what we do as lawyers, and we should strive for this in our workplaces, too.
"This further proves the justness of our demand to abolish the tax poll service compensation," Bernardo said.
Another of the convicted men, Michael Pierce, added: "I never thought that I would see the day when the courts would see the justness of our case.
"This is a welcome development, and we laud Comelec for exercising justness and diligence in enforcing laws, more specifically ESRA, as it decided on the malicious petition filed against our members," ACT national chairperson Joselyn Martinez said.
In the first section, she discusses specific themes of the ethos of conflict in Israeli Jewish society, including the theme of establishing a Jewish state in Israel and the collective memory relating to the roots of the Israeli-Arab conflict and the justness of each party's goals in the conflict; security beliefs and the perception of Israel as a country that is under existential threat, the centrality of national security, and public trust in the Israeli army; the dichotomy between the positive self-image of Israel as an advanced, moral, and peace-loving country and the negative image of Arabs as backward, untruthful, and seeking Israel's destruction; siege and victimhood beliefs; the theme of Israeli patriotism; and the centrality of peace in Israeli Society.
Einstein too spent considerable time contemplating the junctures of science, philosophy, and justness, especially as the Nazis rose to power.
'Let me also tell you that every citizen of Pakistan believes the justness of Kashmir cause but our endeavors are not critical.
'Let me also tell you that every citizen of Pakistan believes in the justness of Kashmir cause but our endeavours are not critical.
"I'm the last person to speak about the justness and fairness in this country since I myself am a legal practitioner," said Egyptian legal consultant Mahmoud M., a Sharjah resident since 2005.
De Guzman claimed that the Duterte administration's lack of empathy and political will to implement a substantial wage hike only cemented his belief that the masses must rely only on themselves in asserting the justness of their demands.
Here again, the author secured moral, legal and financial help to prosecute the battle from friends who believed in the justness of his struggle for fair play.