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The ruling party has completely got out of control and moved away from justness and truthfulness, just days before the elections.
My client and her husband believed from the start the justness of their case, considered that the state was violating in a blatant an unacceptable way their rights and prepared to struggle for 13 years until the final vindication.
Similar research will be conducted annually, and used by JUST Capital to rank the largest publicly-traded companies against the public's definition of justness.
Within our research, we were primarily interested in whether management of the interviewed organisations realised the importance and justness of dealing with the creation and maintenance of an appropriate organisational culture.
We should choose those who believe in our cause and are convinced of the justness of our position.
Years of allegations in the vote that won it the 2022 cup mean Qatar has struggled to convince world opinion of the justness of its cause.
Internal social challenges, which have called into question the justness of Western countries' liberal model, have exacerbated politicians' reticence.
As much scholarship has shown over the past decades, settler attitudes to Indigenous peoples thrived on difference and righteousness--the latter not in a religious sense (necessarily) but in an absolute conviction, one sunk deep into the settler heart, of the moral and material justness of their usurpation of Indigenous country.
Ackerman is fully persuaded of the justness of Linnaeus' decision in the eighteenth century to call us sapiens, i.
HM the King further pointed that although Morocco has neither oil nor gas, whereas Algeria has the 'greenback' which it believes can open the way for it to challenge legitimacy and what is right, Morocco has principles and the justness of its cause and, most of all, the love of Moroccans for their homeland and their attachment to it.
Acknowledging monotheism and the oneness of God, the divine mission of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), and the certainty of the resurrection day are the three main pillars of all Muslims, but Shiites believe that the Justness and Justice of God, and the divine mission of the 12 Imams after the Prophet are two more main pillars of Islam as declared by the Prophet himself.