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Cape: A curved or pointed part of a coastline where the land juts out far into the water.
It grows, it dwindles, it seduces, it encircles, it juts, it expands, it challenges--all with an astounding momentum.
The suspects are shockingly everywhere including the spouse, but who could have done a state style execution seems juts outside Beau's grasp.
But Ivano Stephanelli, whose BMW X5 juts out into the street when it's parked in front of his Rome pizzeria, maintains that his vehicle is "a family kind of car, not an ostentatious kind of car," ideal, for transporting children and hauling around restaurant supplies.
Punta del Este juts into the blue waters of the Uruguayan coast and is home to hotels and beach apartments that fill up during the warm months between Christmas and March.
Deano says that he was gobs macked juts like alter ego Jimmy Corkhill when he was introduced to the Hard Day's Knight whenSir Paul had his art exhibition in Liverpool.
Two miles away at Buttenut Lake, a fishing pier juts into a beautiful 1300-acre lake where you can catch walleye, bass, bluegill, and perch.
Another cafe on the same block that juts out from a slummy townhouse, pays less for its patch of sidewalk.
The houses at 129 and 131 South Shore Road, on a peninsula that juts into Webster Lake, were destroyed, according to fire officials.