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Transcription patterns of the studied genes indicated that TBT activated the transcription of RXR receptor, as it has been reported in gastropods and vertebrates, and altered the ecdysone and juvenile hormone receptor signaling pathways as reported in other studies.
Some compounds are known to inhibit the formation of chitin, which is required for moulting from one stage into the next stage and these compounds are known as chitin synthesis inhibitors and juvenoids are the analogues of juvenile hormones that inhibit pupation.
It was a control experiment for a totally different field of research that led to Cyp6g2 being identified as the candidate P450 in the synthesis of juvenile hormone.
Cytosolic and nuclear receptors for juvenile hormone in fat bodies of Leucophaea maderae.
The participation of calponin in the cross talk between 20-hydroxyecdysone and juvenile hormone signaling pathways by phosphorylation variation.
Crustacean larval behavior as an indicator of sublethal effects of an insect juvenile hormone mimic.
Juvenile hormones play a central role in caste differentiation - a two molt process for termite soldiers during which dramatic morphological changes occur.
In a previous study, we reported that chronic exposure of daphnids to the insecticidal juvenile hormone analog (JHA) methoprene shifted sex ratios of offspring toward males compared with controls (Olmstead and LeBlanc 2001).
Both campaigns deployed targeted larviciding, primarily using the toxic Paris green in Brazil and the juvenile hormone analog S-methoprene in NZ, to achieve their ends.
Wolschin says several other molecules are known to play a role, including DNA methyltransferase, juvenile hormone and a protein called TOR.
KEY WORDS: methoprene, lobster, endocrine disruption, juvenile hormone, methyl farnesoate, Homarus americanus
In the house cricket Acheta domesticus, flight muscle histolysis is induced by juvenile hormone (JH) and is and example of active programmed cell death.

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