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that linked the positive aspects of theater's juvenility to the
An essay on juvenility, phase change, and heteroblasty in seed plants.
The Forager Oral Tradition and the Evolution of Prolonged Juvenility.
The cold, forensic eye of tipping or handicapping - or, for that matter, professional journalism - leaves little room for such juvenility.
An aura of juvenility haunts the whole of "Ghetto Celebrity.
I was disgusted by the juvenility and meanness running through it all.
Eastmond, and I hoped the college wise enough to squander no longer his talents on classes of freshman juvenility.
He says: "I think there's a glut of juvenility on the telly just now.
1991, 1992) indicated that moderate browsing increases growth per growing point until the plant is killed or reverts to juvenility, while Wolff (1978) suggested that shrubs could sustain a maximum browsing intensity of between 50-75%.
The social relations that emerge in a face-to-face context are constituted in claims to knowledge, power, authority, status, in hierarchical and patriarchal structures, in cloistered juvenility, in privilege, power and resource differentials, and in monologues and other oppressions.
After years of consciousness raising by feminists of both sexes about the inherent juvenility and latent violence underlying most gratuitous sexual comments men make to women, the question is ``why?