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Carpenter juxtaposes Saar's face as it changes over time with a parallel evolution of her art.
Again and again, he juxtaposes the traditional Freudian and fresher Darwinian models and compares their vocabularies and practices (e.
Type 2 juxtaposes case history examples with practical management tips.
In City Water Tunnel #3, her one-woman show produced by Dancing in the Streets, she juxtaposes staggering technical statistics (physical and financial
The coyly asymmetrical Double Gemini: Isabelle Miter, 1969-70, for example, pulses because of the way Zox juxtaposes tangerine, orange, blood orange, mint green, bright green, and maroon.
The analysis juxtaposes perfectly with his life and times and creates for more depth in the analysis of Alice's ongoing effects on modern culture, than the modern biography could achieve.