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Souto de Moura's extrapolation from the old is so very delicately executed, the new is expressed with such refinement, that the enormous dignity of the place has taken on new life while the various juxtapositions of old and new, the clearly expressed seams, are a constant source of delight.
Ando, unlike anyone else, has inextricably fused buildings with nature and only if these masterly juxtapositions are portrayed can his work be fully understood.
The iconic Guarded View, 1991, with its four headless, dark-skinned mannequins outfitted in various New York museum-guard uniforms faced five Nefertiti busts shaded from black to white, and the ensuing juxtaposition, here as elsewhere in the show, overwhelmed and confused the intended arguments.
The similar diagram confirmed shale-sand juxtaposition for sand C and Basal sand thus making them zone ofinterest for further studies.
Mark Podwal is one of those startling soulsthey are very fewwho can imagine, through the power of a unifying eye, connections so new that they shake the brain into fresh juxtapositions of understanding.
It's the continued juxtaposition of the sublime and ridiculous which makes this show so enjoyable
Juxtaposition art creates a new "dimension" in accessible interpretative art and storytelling experiences as the technique creates the illusion in true 2D space, without the use of holograms or special glasses.
It is a masterful touch and fulfills the Juxtaposition series' ideal of music and film showing us things neither could alone.
That juxtaposition indicates that the clay was laid down first, says Jack Mustard of Brown University in Providence, R.
But what makes 9 especially compelling is its juxtaposition of soft and loud.
Each story appears in context of its newspaper or magazine appearance, as seen by its first readers: having them all under one cover provides a unique world presentation and focus unavailable elsewhere and allows for juxtaposition of landmark presentations which set the standard for photographic and journalistic excellence.