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Meanwhile, we capture the location relationship of fields, such as sequential and juxtapositional relation, by learning a probabilistic directed lattice graph.
Importantly, clinical findings implicate juxtapositional lobule cortex pathology as a cause of disturbances in GI as well as freezing of GI in PD [11,21].
9) An anonymous reviewer objects to my portrayal of the head of C as a predicational domain, arguing that it is more appropriate to characterise it as juxtapositional in the sense that all evocational Subacts are simply enumerated there.
Rather than making one representation delimit another, at his best Ginsberg opts for a practice that places representations in service of each other--only through working together can the juxtapositional interval between "clear rational actualities" be effected.
Eliot applies the same technique of juxtapositional coexistence of spiritual and physical in 'Animula' by envisaging the metaphysical entity par excellence, the 'simple soul' (fanciulla), 'moving between the legs of tables' (pargoleggia), 'grasping at kisses and toys' (vagheggia, trastulla), and illustrating 'The heavy burden of the growing soul' (l.
In Arabic there is no copula; qualitative predication is articulated through juxtapositional word order: the first element is the subject (Ar.
But it can also be used as a structuring principle for new textual units--not only as a juxtapositional combination of readymades, then, but of just-mades, as in, say, the work of Milorad Pavic or Julio Cortazar.
The piece's dead-serious delivery doesn't suppress its authors' obvious delight in words and wordplay, the teasing power of narrative and the juxtapositional essence of poetic imagery" (21).
Most studies of the relation between literature and the visual arts have been either juxtapositional or periodic.