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16) Even the kabbalistic concept of the sefirot (Divine emanations and aspects), as applied in Chabad belief, may be a causative factor.
For kabbalistic myth holds that the exile of the Shekhinah will not end until the Temple is rebuilt, and this, in turn, is not destined to take place until the advent of the Messiah.
This ceremony recalls many similar kabbalistic rituals to ward off future misfortune.
Before she goes to bed with her husband after returning from the mikvah, her prayers include the wish that no force from the "Other Side," the Sitra Ahara (the domain of evil in Kabbalistic writings), should overpower her.
A how-to manual on Kabbalistic meditation, this volume is intended for readers who specifically want learn the Hitbonenut method of meditation.
The central essay in Studies, "De Natura Dei," addresses the distinction between the Talmudic and Kabbalistic conceptions of myth.
of New York) explores the influential role that chief rabbi Landau played in fostering that trend despite his reservations about public kabbalistic discourse and Hasidim.
Here he draws striking parallels between the origin of the universe as conjectured by Kabbalistic mysticism and that postulated by the more sophisticated scientific explorations into the Big Bang.
Perhaps the author intended to invoke Kabbalistic interpretation of the Kaddish.
Call it Gnostic or Kabbalistic Pop: a Pop practice that remystifies images which seem self-explanatory and transparent.
The Kabbalistic view of God enabling man the "space" for free will is paralleled in the psychoanalytic object relations view whereby man has the ability to interact with the other because of an innate desire to 'loin" the other.
As each additional person joins in lighting the Chanukah candles in unison, our cooperative efforts in doing this positive act, this mitzvah, creates a synergy that has the power to eclipse the darkness that has attempted to undermine our potential, in Kabbalistic terms, our light," he continued, urging the entire community to participate in the menorah lighting ritual this Chanukah.