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CADI. The name of a civil magistrate among the Turks.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Kadis highlighted the pressing need for the modernisation of agriculture and an increase in competitiveness given the effects that climate change is expected to have on the sector.
Andetur as Taraba State Chief Judge, Kadi Tijjani Yusuf Yakasai as the Grand Kadi, Sharia Court of Appeal, Kano State and Kadi Isa Jibrin Gantsa as Grand Kadi, Sharia Court of Appeal of Jigawa State.
Kadis thanked Ni Yuefeng for the successful outcome of efforts to allow the import of Cypriot dairy products, especially halloumi, to China, and requested faster procedures to register and license Cypriot dairies.
"It's simple and easy to operate," says Kadis, whose vegetable garden measures 400 feet long by 250 feet wide.
"During drills, a loud siren would wail," Kadis told JS.
It plans to set up information kiosks at public shopping centers around Baltimore where people can access the Internet and the library's electronic resources, Kadis says.
The aim of the project is to make the public more aware and sensitive of the Troodos National Park as well as to highlight the ecosystems within the park, Kadis said.
WORCESTER Beverly (Silverman) Kadis, 85, of 770 Salisbury St.
Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis on Friday urged disgruntled residents of Paphos villages with protected beaches to remain patient and rest assured that the sustainable development plans for Akamas will bring "substantial benefits to the communities".