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While these three films -- which received honorary distinctions -- venture in fantasy, Kaputt tells the real, tragic story of political imprisonment in East Germany.
The group's first single 'Macht Kaputt Was Euch Kaputt Macht,' captured in a rough-clipped prose the frustration of man caught in a world of inexorable and impersonal forces.
MALAPARTE, K, Kaputt, Adhelpi edizioni Milano, 2009, p.
the negative influence of the Soviet Republic (Rote Parolen und Sowjetmacht haben Deutschland kaputt gemacht), as well as a sense of anger about the increasing number of right-wing extremists (Nazischweine in Ostberlin).
The longcase clock is in pieces, Alfred Matzerath cries; no, Oskar realizes, only the glass is broken ("Es warja auch nicht die Uhr kaputt, nut das Glas") (79).
Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff Tel: 029 2030 4400 THIS month's line-up features Dublin's alt-punk rockabilly band Party Weirdo, plus Kaputt and The School.
CARDIFF: Chapter Arts (029 2030 4400), Peppermintpatti - Party Weirdo, Kaputt and the School.
In November Curzio Malaparte's novel Kaputt (1944), which perhaps most resembles Les Bienveillantes both in subject matter and nihilistic tone, was given a new French edition.
In his chilling book, Kaputt, the Italian journalist, Curzio Malaparte, an eyewitness to the pogrom in Jassy, where Romanians killed several thousand Jews, wrote:
I particularly enjoyed one pas de deux from the Studio Contemporary Dance Company, Kaputt, which means "overcoat" in Croatian and "the end" in German, a pun that was intended.
L'infermiere intanto pare abbia finito la sua dimostrazione, nella sua lingua che io non capisco e che mi suona terribile; si rivolge a me, e in quasi tedesco, caritatevolmente, me ne fornisce il compendio: Du Jude kaputt.
36) So ist ein Text Bernhard Lassahns von 1994 missverstanden worden, in dem es immerhin mit einer Treichel fremden Pauschalitat heisst: ,,Es ist deprimierend hier, sag ich dir, alles kaputt, die Strasse voller Locher, man tritt immer in eine Pfutze".