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KEELS. This word is applied, in England, to vessels employed in the carriage of coals. Jacob, L. D.

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The grip of the land upon the keel of your ship, even if nothing worse comes of it than the wear and tear of tackle and the loss of time, remains in a seaman's memory an indelibly fixed taste of disaster.
Gahan felt the impact of a body against the keel, followed by the soft thuds of the great bodies as they struck the ground beneath.
However, the vessel had not suffered, for her keel was solidly joined.
In accordance with longstanding maritime tradition, The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection celebrated the milestone keel laying of its inaugural yacht at the Hijos De J.
Body dissatisfaction is a major problem, especially among young women, Keel noted.
That's the advice of Florida State University Professor Pamela Keel.
Bolt and Keel is a photographic showcase of furry feline Instagram stars Bolt and Keel.
Investment in the Keel Row shopping centre at Blyth have paid off for owners Northumberland Estates with two national retailers - EE and The Works - moving into new units.
State District Court Judge Mary Lou Keel of Harris County won with 50.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 14, 2015-Boutique Investment Advisory Keel Point Acquires Tennessee Firm
Sunderland's Keel Square is set to be officially opened on August 31.
The keel for USS Omaha (LCS 12) was authenticated at General Dynamics/AUSTAL USA shipyard during a keel laying ceremony in Mobile, Alabama, on Feb.