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KEELS. This word is applied, in England, to vessels employed in the carriage of coals. Jacob, L. D.

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1, 2004, I expected to be here approximately 6 years," Keel wrote in a letter Monday to Lt.
The opening ceremony for Keel Square was led by the Mayor of Sunderland Barry Curran, the leader of Sunderland City Council Paul Watson and guests from the Sunderland Ladies football team.
Sunderland's Keel Square is set to be officially opened on August 31.
Market Price of Light Steel Keel Products - Quotation for Hot Galvanizing Light Steel Keel - 60 main keel 1.
The keel for USS Omaha (LCS 12) was authenticated at General Dynamics/AUSTAL USA shipyard during a keel laying ceremony in Mobile, Alabama, on Feb.
Austal Australia is pleased to announce the completion of keel laying for two 72 metre High Speed Support Vessels (HSSVs) for the Royal Navy of Oman.
I AM very angry about the keel falling off a Beneteau First 40.
Case Description--A 5-year-old sexually intact female blue and gold macaw (Ara ararauna) was evaluated because of a swelling on the right side of the face and irritated area on the ventral aspect of the keel.
They ran 176 different computer models to test various predictions of how the keel influences the tectonic relationships between the plates.
Rumours of Q's revolutionary new keel design had been circulating for a long time, and it looked as if the light breeze might keep the full glory of this radical racer under wraps for just a bit longer.
Hollywood When musicals went out of fashion, Howard Keel starred in a number of non-singing film parts, in cinema films, and then landed a part in the TV series Dallas.
Alan McGerty, of Halewood sailed through with the winning name 'Keel Over' saying "I came up with Keel Over because I almost did one night after celebrating my birthday in the Albert Dock