keen sight

See: perception
References in classic literature ?
The good people of the Hague had chopped off the flesh of its victims, but faithfully carried the remainder to the gibbet, to have a pretext for a double inscription written on a huge placard, on which Cornelius; with the keen sight of a young man of twenty-eight, was able to read the following lines, daubed by the coarse brush of a sign-painter: --
Joe, by the aid of his keen sight, which he did not fail to use continually, noticed some flocks of birds of prey flitting about the horizon.
Tarzan let his eye move quickly toward that part of the British line the German seemed to be scanning, his keen sight revealing many excellent targets for a rifle placed so high above the trenches.
Nothing however large or small, passed his keen sight unobserved.
Quoth he, "These fellows spake somewhat about certain moneys they were taking to Lincoln; methinks I may find it upon this stout blind fellow, who hath as keen sight as e'er a trained woodsman in Nottingham or Yorkshire.
Perhaps that keen sight, together with a willingness to eat a wide variety of prey from carrion and rabbits to small beetles and worms, is why they are so successful.
As Shaybub, he was a man "who stirred up trouble." As Shlha, he was "the king of thieves." As Bihruz, he was "the prince of 'ayyars [knaves] of his age," though as Hamza he was only "one of the leading 'ayyars." In several story-cycles he was not a corpulent man: as 'Umar in Sirat Hamza al-Bahlawan, he had slender arms and legs but could jump from heights and outrun horses; as Shaybub in Sirat 'Antar, he was "the father of winds" and could run "like a bird in flight or an alarmed panther," his feet "striking the lobes of his ears." As Bihruz in Qissat Firuz Shah, he had "thin legs and keen sight" and ran "faster than lightning leaping like a gazelle." Despite his slight build, he was very effective.
According to the Third Soldier (noticeably, only one of the soldiers is actually named), "a soldier doesn't need a reputation, all he needs is a good sword, keen sight and segs on his feet.
Spanish have keen sight and are leader shy, so go with a superfine fluorocarbon leader, or mono as light as 8- or 10-pound test.
Moreover, the Korean people have keen sight toward BIO industries for potential growth under many conditions.