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The keen-witted old diplomatist guessed that there must be some motive behind the suggestion, and he at once agreed.
Thou art keen-witted, Jewess,'' replied the Templar, well aware of the truth of what she spoke, and that the rules of his Order condemned in the most positive manner, and under high penalties, such intrigues as he now prosecuted, and that, in some instances, even degradation had followed upon it ``thou art sharp-witted,'' he said; ``but loud must be thy voice of complaint, if it is heard beyond the iron walls of this castle; within these, murmurs, laments, appeals to justice, and screams for help, die alike silent away.
keen-witted, fierce, bold, promissory,--if one may so use the word,--and, like inebriate clerks, no longer in awe of anything?
All the afternoon he sat in the stalls wrapped in the most perfect happiness, gently waving his long, thin fingers in time to the music, while his gently smiling face and his languid, dreamy eyes were as unlike those of Holmes the sleuth-hound, Holmes the relentless, keen-witted, ready-handed criminal agent, as it was possible to conceive.
Among the more quietly touching pieces is Eyre's commemorative account of Mary Soames, Churchill's youngest child, who chaired the National board during most of Eyre's tenure there and who emerges as a keen-witted and charming friend and ally, not least in the willingness with which she gave herself up to the brave new world of the theatre over which she suddenly found herself casting a necessarily watchful eye.
If there's a weakness in the clean, economical screenplay by Brad Ingelsby, it's that Neeson's character seems perhaps too forlorn a Agure at the outset, an impression that doesn't entirely jibe with the keen-witted man of action who emerges later.
A tense, at times blood-curdling saga featuring a wry, keen-witted Jewish protagonist, Diamonds from the Past is a unique treat for fans of the genre.
offers similar praise on the back cover: "These stories are richly observed, keen-witted and tellingly sympathetic to a wide range of characters.
Keen-witted, good looking with an affable smile, Friend was sent to Australia in 1974.
Bogdanov clearly feels that Shakespeare attacks with the goal of inspiring change, especially given the breathtaking language and keen-witted comedy he uses as his tools.
I can't remember what Alexander said exactly, except that it was brisk and keen-witted, and Edward was charmed as he always was by praise.
In short, he is a keen-witted, close-to-the-vest operative who makes far more on the private side of the statehouse fence than he ever did on the public side.