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Paul Davies, of Mintel, said that over-55s are the keenest readers across all formats of books (paperback, hardback and digital) - bar audiobooks.
Shukri expressed his belief that this is "a campaign directed against the Sadrist Trend, whose members proved to be the keenest about public funds".
Yet Eurosport's attempts to liven it up by showing a young girl watching the bikes whizz past while sitting in the scoop of a digger or dazzling viewers with an aerial shot of the local church can hardly fascinate even the keenest cycling fans.
However, opponents inside the Keenest said the bill was designed to encourage settlement activities in the occupied territories.
St Luke 23, 24 THEY'RE lovely words - "Saviour, breathe forgiveness o'er us, All our weakness Thou dost know, Thou didst tread this earth before us, Thou didst feel its keenest woe.
He added: "Liverpool has one of the most talented and keenest property scenes in Britain.
That insatiable rain talks in words of the keenest interest to
Eurogse offers a comprehensive range of products meeting ground support equipment requirements at the keenest prices.
Summary: Marrakech - HM King Mohammed VI and the Moroccan people follow with the keenest interest the evolution of the Palestinian issue, "an extremely sensitive and difficult issue", said Sunday Mr.
A league table of who's greenest, who's keenest and who's lagging behind: that's one possible outcome of a new project to help towns and cities across the Northwest improve their performance when it comes to tree cover in urban areas.
THE Army Angling Federation, for serving and ex-service personnel is one of the keenest outfits in the game.
Paul has one of the keenest marketing minds in our industry, and he also brings a terrific background in all sides of sales and sales leadership," said Mary Junck, chairman and CEO of Lee, in a statement.