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O'Shea, who was appointed Godolphin's principal trainer in Australia last May, said: "Hauraki travelled a bit too keenly in the run which compromised his finish.
The process of government formation is an entirely Lebanese one but obviously we are keenly interested in its success and I am encouraged of what I have heard from the Prime Minister designate about the efforts now underway.
And COBRA can take plenty of heart from their performance, especially up front where they keenly contested the breakdown and in the scrummage where their front-row posed plenty of problems for the various RGC combinations during the whole match.
Despite that flurry of red cards this was a keenly contested encounter with some excellent football produced.
Has a habit of racing keenly very early on, before settling into a strong-travelling running style, but if he gets into a battle at around the furlong marker, or his jockey has to have a serious go at him from further back, he doesn't often come out on top under such circumstances.
She meets the urbane and polyglot Kanai and the illiterate but keenly intuitive fisherman Fokir, and the three of them embark on a quest fraught with personal tension and physical danger.
Schoen keenly weaves these stories with historical caveats highlighting the societal and political forces which shaped each decade from the 1850's to the present.
Whether handling scrap metals, secondary fibers or mixed residential materials, NEXGEN is keenly aware of the importance of sizing the conveyor with the baler for maximum productivity.
As any experienced crew is keenly aware, a trouble spot in the Avenger is the spring for the M3P machine gun's remote charger.
In Britain, where so many of our communities have links with the region, the impact of this tragedy is keenly felt and our thoughts are very much with you," he wrote.
David Molony, Editor in Chief of Total Telecom, commented that "Customer support is one of the key elements of international telecoms services, and Best Customer Care is one of the most keenly contested categories in the World Communication Awards.