keenly aware

See: vigilant
References in classic literature ?
But all the time I wrote I was keenly aware of the craving for a drink.
He was keenly aware that there were two sorts of roughness.
Joan was keenly aware of the desperateness of the situation.
But she, who knew little of the world of men, being a woman, was keenly aware of his burning eyes.
However, I was too keenly aware of white teeth and strong claws about me to stop my chanting on that account.
Almost in mid-stride he became another man, a healed, sane man, keenly aware of a very vivid thirst and a desire to sit down and rest before attempting the ten miles of cement road that lay between him and home.
He was quite keenly aware of his own lack of outward comeliness and lamented it.
He was head man of the little village, keenly aware of his responsibility, and he elucidated his policy thoroughly in few words.
We are keenly aware of the growth opportunities in these markets and as we continue to expand our marketing, supplier relationships, sales bandwidth and expertise, we anticipate capturing market share in the cannabis, CBD and liquid nicotine end markets in those regions by opening our own distribution centers, acquiring existing international distributors and partnering with local operators."
According to Finextra, Dinsdale said, 'Having spent 15 years at Goldman Sachs, I am keenly aware of the value of fintech collaborations in speeding up go-to-market strategies and allowing large institutions to focus on their core competencies rather than the infrastructure that makes it happen.
The trainee hairdressers have chosen to support the organisation as a fellow student's mum suffers from the debilitating disease, and everyone on the course is keenly aware of how badly the illness can affect lives.
NANB IS KEENLY AWARE OF THE contributions made by current and former members to the health care system in New Brunswick and also by public members who have performed meritorious services on behalf of RNs/ NPs and nursing as a profession.